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I have kept up with Yoga and Pilates since FIrst lockdown. Jooji yoga guides you through the moves with clear instructions, keeps an eye on you to check your moves. Moves can be adapted to suit your ability so you do feel that you have completed a good workout. For anyone considering trying a Pilates or Yoga class from home then I would thoroughly recommend trying a Jooji Yoga class.

New mum


I recommend Jooji's classes very strongly. I am sure you will find something to suit your needs, from Restorative Yoga to help your body heal to Sculpt and Pump to sweat, via Dragon Dance (how cool is that!? Just the name makes you want to do it).
Discovering Jooji's classes during the first lockdown has been immense help for both my mental and physical wellbeing. Lockdown bright side. Also the beauty of Zoom classes is that whichever countries you are in, it is on!
Jooji is such a passionate teacher who takes such a good care of each of her student and adapt to their level.
I feel so peaceful and re balanced after our classes.
Jooji also reminded me that being the best mum I can to my baby girl also goes along with taking care of myself. And my baba is always so welcome during the classes, so no excuse.
Thank you Jooji for being such a beautiful human being and the best yoga teacher I have come across 🙏🏼❤



I started Jooji’s classes when I joined a post natal yoga session, and absolutely loved her style. Calming, professional and helpful feedback to improve. I liked Jooji’s class so much that I now have a monthly pass to all her online classes, and have tried and enjoyed them all! Through a mix of Pilates, abs, yoga and Pump and Sculpt, I am now in the best mental and physical shape despite a toddler, a 6 month old and 2 lockdowns!


Wonderful online classes with Jooji, I would throughly recommend. I am now much fitter, flexible and more relaxed

Amanda P

Whether I choose a more challenging warrior class or a restorative one, I always feel great afterwards. Not only are the classes beneficial for physical and mental wellbeing but they are hugely enjoyable thanks to Jooji's creative, intuitive and caring teaching style. I can throughly recommend!

Devoted Yogini


Jooji is an excellent teacher. Her magic voice made me feeling clam yet energising throughout the class...Her instruction is very clear and precise, she put lots of focuses making us aware of importance of balancing and centering throughout the practice, her unique stretch always have 'feel good' effect. Jooji also has an obserative mind and eyes, she pays every attention to each individual. She will tell me how to re-position my posture to help get that extra boost. A truly caring and inspirational yoga instructor, thank you Jooji... Highly recommend

Head of UK Biologics Business Unit, Genedata


I have been doing yoga (and spin) with Jooji for the past 6 years, first in a gym but of course with Zoom since the beginning of lockdown. In my opinion, Jooji is the best instructor I have encountered, for the following reasons:

1. Her instructions are second to none. She speaks very clearly and also explains clearly exactly what you need to do. I can follow an entire class without looking at the screen, simply from her instructions
2. She gives multiple options, which is great is you are injured or under the weather
3. I love the variety of classes
4. She looks at all the participants and gives appropriate feedback, which is essential to improve and get maximum benefits

I am so glad that Jooji is still doing the Zoom classes. I can slot them so much more easily in my schedule than those at the gym.

EA to People Director, Three UK


Thank you Jooji for such amazing Zoom classes. Despite the challenge of teaching to a virtual class you explain everything so clearly. The last 2 yoga classes I have attended have been brilliant and the perfect balance of strength, stretch, concentration and relaxation. Thank you so much for putting so much of your time and efforts into making every class a great experience for your students x


I have up until now avoided yoga and pilates due to back and shoulder injuries but Jooji’s classes have been a revelation. I now feel much more supple with improved all round flexibility. The use of technology doesn’t make the classes feel remote in anyway her instructions are clear and encouraging

Snr Patient Recruitment Lead

Anna B

Being new to Yoga and Pilates I have noticed that since doing the classes that I am hardly suffering from tension headaches that I used to suffer with a lot. I am also starting to feel more supple. Great mixture of classes catering for all capabilities



I’m so grateful I found Jooji.I would wholeheartedly recommend her classes to all! I cannot emphasis enough how much I have improved my well being, both mentally and physically as a result of Jooji’s teaching.Her classes have been stimulating, challenging and thoroughly enjoyable and can’t imagine going through this lockdown without her guidance .
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jooji !🙏❤️


Jooji's yoga classes have been a blessing in these uncertain times. Her yoga classes have been tremendously beneficial for my body. She focuses on a specific part of the body in each class. I must say that since attending her daily classes, my shoulders, back and hips have never felt more stretched. I also love her yoga strength classes which have been really beneficial in building up lower and upper body strength. Jooji is such a great teacher that she doesn't let technology come between her and her class. Her instructions are clear, her voice is strong and she ensures that everyone in the class benefits from the gift of yoga. Try a class with Jooji whatever yoga experience you have and your body won't regret it.