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Be in control of your body and not at its mercy

- Joseph Pilates

I fell in love with Joseph Pilates' original method and my teaching style is very much influenced by it. I am known for expert instruction, my inclusive, personal approach and attention to detail.

Numbers are limited in these Zoom classes, so I can keep an eye on everyone. Expect a safe, effective and results-driven workout with plenty of clear and precise cueing, along with progressions and regressions for different abilities. Classes are mat or floor based, and you won’t need any specialist exercise equipment to take part. Sometimes we use household items (tinned tomatoes or small bottles of water) as weights to add an extra dimension to your workout. And because I am all about variety, new classes are added regularly. 

Beginner? Try the Functional Pilates or Yogalates with an emphasis on technique that will help you refine your form. Looking to feel the burn? Try the Abs Blast or Fast Flow with the focus on core strength and spinal mobility. Yogalates is my own creation which is combination of Yoga and Pilates.

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