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When the time is right, yoga finds you ...
It found me under a neem tree in Pakistan where I pretend played yogis with my younger sister. In my adult life, every time I felt lost or stressed, I'd turn to yoga, taking several years to realise that it wasn't the outside world that needed fixing. I felt yoga connecting with the part of me that transcends beyond asanas. What I love about yoga is that even if you get into it seeking physical benefits, it still works at the spiritual level. Gentle persuasion rather than brute force is what guides my teaching style. 
I have been teaching for over 15 years with people from all walks of life, including Daniel Craig and the McLaren F1 Racing team. I am RYT500, fully insured and a member of the “Register of Exercise Professionals".
Online Classes, Why choose me?
My strength is the ability to give clear instructions that participants can follow with their eyes closed and rest assured that you are being looked after. Instead of streaming to the masses, I use Zoom with small group sizes, allowing me to keep an eye on everyone using state of the art equipment. Expect a safe, effective and results-driven workout with clear and precise cueing, along with progressions and regressions for different abilities.
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