Yamuna Body Rolling

Upgrade Your Body

Thu 18:00

Sat 11:00

Yamuna Body Rolling

Getting toned & flexible doesn't have to be painful ...

The pressure of rolling these specialised Yamuna balls against your muscles creates space, lengthens muscles and re-aligns joints that have been pulled out of place. 

The improved circulation translates into pain relief, increased range of motion and faster healing. 

Yamuna Body Rolling

Holistic approach

When we release knots from the physical body, it cultivates our mind into letting go of old limiting beliefs allowing us to live more freely both physically and mentally. 

Try your first class for FREE. You will need Yamuna balls (1 pearl, 2 black). 

Improve muscle tone

De-stress joints

Fascia release

Release knots

Accelerate healing


Special Offers

First class FREE


Also, If you have lost your main source of income due to the Covid-19, please get in touch as I would like to serve whoever needs the support